Welcome to Galax SIGN 2017

Our Mission

Founded in 2013, The Public Art Committee of the City of Galax was formed

  • To celebrate our community’s heritage, ethnicity, commonality and civic pride by stimulating collaboration and understanding between artists and the City’s diverse community;
  • To enhance the City’s image locally, regionally and nationally by ensuring the creation of the highest quality public art;
  • To foster the public’s understanding and enjoyment of public art;
  • To promote artists to live and to work in the City and to participates in public presentations of their art in the City; and
  • To encourage federal, state and private support for the City’s public art program.

Galax Public Art is a function of the city of Galax, funded by the Galax City Council. Galax Public Arts Committee’s earlier projects include Annual Youth Art Contests, Bass Fiddles - decorated by local artists and made out of fiberglass - placed in several locations around downtown Galax, The Best  Pick in Virginia Galax benches in the downtown area, and the Welcome to Galax World’s Capitol of Old-Time Mountain Music signs.

Meet the Committee

The Galax Public Art Committee meets every month to persue the mission of Galax Public Art.

Chris Pollins

Chair  of Galax Public Art Committee and Executive Director of Chestnut Creek School of the Arts

Ray Kohl

Director of Tourism

Jessica Milby

Assistant Director of Tourism & Community Development

Brenda Marrah

City of Galax Grants Administrator

Ches Helmick

Galax City Council & Downtown Business Owner, Edward Jones

Becky Guynn

artist & downtown business owner City Gallery

Laura Romanowski

MemberExecutive Director of The Arts & Cultural Council of the Twin Counties

Dr. Samuel Luague

community representative

Other Members

Sharon Plitcha, Galax City Council

Katie Lipe, Founder of non-profit Art. Style. Create, Inc

Public Art Policy

Art enhances our identity as a community, in valuing creative and diverse expressions. Art serves as a means to build our civic pride, and enriches the lives of the citizens of Galax. Public art serves the community in a myriad of ways: by improving our experience of public spaces, by sensitively preserving or highlighting vistas, by representing the cultural heritage of our beloved City, by preserving historical elements unique to Galax through insightful interpretations of our community's activities and aspirations, and by promoting community engagement and creative involvement. In sum, public art has the capacity to humanize our urban and suburban environments.